How to Deploy NG Firewall

Here’s what you need, step-by-step.

Step 1: Decide on a Platform

Buy an Appliance…

Sound easy? It is. Our appliances are the easiest way to get Untangle’s NG Firewall in your network. They come pre-loaded with the NG Firewall platform, so you can simply plug them in and set them to work. Add individual apps or a Complete package at any time for a full solution.

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Or Run NG Firewall on Your Own Hardware.

You may be able to run NG Firewall on hardware you already have, or you can source hardware specifically for this purpose.

  • NG Firewall requires a dedicated Intel-based server installed at the gateway to your network.
  • Your hardware does not need an operating system; the NG Firewall platform installs its own operating system.
  • Untangle’s NG Firewall software completely erases all content and data that may exist on the server’s hard drive.
  • Untangle is now offering limited support for wireless routers.
Sizing Guidance

If you’re ready to get started now,

Download Untangle’s NG Firewall, then add a package or individual paid or free apps.

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Step 2: Choose Your Apps

The best way to experience the full power of our NG Firewall is to select the Complete Package, which contains all of our apps in a single bundle. You can turn apps on or off as you need them – providing you unprecedented flexibility. We also offer our applications as individual subscriptions; you can always upgrade to Complete later.

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Step 3: Deploy In Your Network

Finally, you’ll need to decide how you want to run Untangle’s NG Firewall in your network. You can run NG Firewall as a router, leveraging our powerful network tools, or as a transparent bridge by dropping it seamlessly behind existing routers. NG Firewall is an in-line device, meaning only traffic that flows through it will be filtered. There are two modes available with Untangle: Router mode and Bridge mode.

Router Mode
Bridge Mode