NG Firewall Virtualized

Unlimited flexibility. Unlimited performance.

Untangle NG Firewall offers maximum flexibility when it comes to deployment options. NG Firewall can be installed on your own hardware, an Untangle uSeries appliance, or as a virtual machine. Virtual deployments free you up from the constraints of bespoke hardware, allowing you to leverage investments you’ve already made in your infrastructure. Shared computing resources can reduce administrative overhead as well as cost while giving you the ability to redeploy quickly when your needs change.

Running Untangle as a virtual appliance has many benefits:

No separate server required for Untangle as a virtual applianceNo separate server is required, saving you money
Untangle requires a simple install and setup processSimple install and setup process, saving you time
Running Untangle virtual appliance lets you test out the product on your networkGreat way to test out the product on your network

By just downloading the OVA file, you can have Untangle NG Firewall up and running in a matter of minutes on your choice of virtual environment. In order to have a successful virtual deployment, the virtual appliance must have VMware ESX or ESXi running.