Case Studies

Library Leans on NG Firewall for CIPA Compliance

Burley Public Library Industry:  Public Library Network Size:   80 computers including desktops and laptops for both librarian and public use, as well as up to 200 daily patrons accessing the guest Wi-Fi. “I have been very pleased with Untangle NG Firewall. The new Dashboard is awesome.”   Background Burley Public Library was built in 1922 and […]

NG Firewall Web Filter Soothes School’s CIPA Compliance Worries

      Breakwater School Industry:  Education Network Size:   60 total devices and up to 140 students with BYOD for upper level students and school-provided Chromebooks. “I am comfortable knowing that our students are protected from inappropriate content and that our network is safe as well.”   Background Breakwater School is an independent, non-denominational day school […]

Local Boys & Girl Club Entrusts Network to Untangle

              Boys & Girls Club of Manchester Industry:  Nonprofit organization Network Size:   450 members and 15 staff utilizing 50 computers and tablets. “The Untangle folks made the transition over to the u50 appliance absolutely flawless.”   Background Boys & Girls Club of Manchester (BGCM) was founded in Manchester, New Hampshire […]

Untangle is UTM Solution of Choice for Sheriff’s Office

              Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Industry:  ​State & Local Government Network Size:   35 officers, plus remote workers, utilizing up to 70 different clients on-site. “Untangle makes it easy to catch little issues before they become full blown red alerts.”   Background Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is home to 35 law […]

Top Private School Relies on NG Firewall to Protect its’ Students and Campus

        Admiral Farragut Academy Industry:  Education Network Size:   Over 450 students and staff filtered into 5 separate network domains, each with 150 devices. “The product runs itself. I can rest assured all my networks are protected against all types of attacks.”   Background Admiral Farragut Academy is a private, college preparatory, boarding and […]

High-End Retail Store Trusts Untangle With Network Security

Frette Industry:  Retail Network Size:   8 retail stores with less than 10 users at each and up to 60 users at the corporate office. “Untangle has everything I need to protect my retail and corporate networks.”   Background Frette is an Italian textile company founded in 1860. Known for its fine linens, Frette has 10 retail […]

NG Firewall Replaces Cisco at Large Retail Automotive Center

      Flow Companies Industry:  Retail (Automotive) Network Size:  17 locations with 50 to 250 servers, desktops and laptops. Overall there are 1,300 users and up to 75 remote workers on the network. “Untangle’s support team is awesome. They helped us get up and running in no time.”   Background Flow Companies is a mid-sized automotive […]

Untangle Helps Hotel Networks Stay Afloat

  No Ordinary Hotel Industry:  Hospitality Network Size:  2 locations with 10 servers each, 150 desktops, and 25 mobile devices. Over 100 concurrent users on the internal network and between 300-600 guest users connected to the guest Wi-Fi. “We ended up testing out the NG Firewall Complete package and was amazed at how easy it was to […]

Untangle Helps Protect Students at K12 School

  Huntingtower School Industry: Education Network Size: 700 students bringing around 175 BYOD and 120 staff bringing 250 laptops, iPads or phones on campus. Over 1350 total devices on the network. “We have been using Untangle for the last few years and love it.”   Background Huntingtower School is an independent, co-educational day and boarding […]

BYOD on School Network Challenge Solved

  Hunter Valley Grammar School Industry: Education Network Size: Over 1,300 students and staff, plus 600 bring-your-own-devices on campus. “Untangle’s flexibility and ease-of-use works for our continuously growing network.”   Background Hunter Valley Grammar School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational K-12 school that caters to over 1,100 students. Founded in 1990, the school is located […]