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NG Firewall Firmware Distribution

Router hardware has evolved and improved over the years, but its firmware remains stuck in the dark ages when it comes to security, network traffic visibility and control. Recognizing the inherent limitations in popular commercial routers, Untangle set about making a radical new OS for Wi-Fi routers based on its popular, broadly installed and easy-to-use NG Firewall product. NG Firewall is now available to be flashed onto the Linksys WRT1900ACS.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Small Networks

The biggest challenge facing small networks isn’t necessarily even security: it’s the lack of visibility into and control over the traffic. This is where Untangle can help. Unlike pre-installed firmware on off-the-shelf wireless routers, Untangle NG Firewall logs traffic for rich, robust reporting into every facet of what’s happening online: sites users are visiting, uninvited guests jumping on the wireless network, and the newest IP-enabled gadget phoning home. NG Firewall allows users to create rules for managing access to websites, applications, and content based on criteria like device, user, time of day, day of week and more. You can see the effect of those rules through drill-down reports that can be monitored via the 360° Dashboard, a single pane of glass view into what’s happening on the network.

Perfect for:

  • Small business
  • Branch offices
  • Retail/franchise locations
  • Home offices
Or anyone looking for cost-effective security at the gateway!

Firmware Resources

Comparison of Firmware Distributions
Firmware for Linksys WRT1900ACS

Distribute Untangle Firmware

OEM Solutions

Buy a Router with NG Firewall

Order a pre-installed router

We’ve partnered with FlashRouters to bring you the Linksys WRT1900ACS with Untangle already installed. FlashRouters is the leading provider of pre-imaged wireless routers. You will need to purchase a subscription to NG Firewall separately.

Get an Untangle Router
Includes a custom USB drive with the necessary installations to allow for NG Firewall’s advanced monitoring features.

Build your own NG Firewall router

You can also build your own router. Order the Linksys WRT1900ACS, then follow the instructions for flashing. NOTE: Untangle cannot take responsibility for errors made during the flashing process, up to and including the router becoming inoperable. You are flashing the router at your own risk.

Get an Untangle-Compatible Router
You will also need to purchase USB drive to support Untangle’s advanced monitoring features.



Protect devices from attacks and malware

  • Scan downloads for malware
  • Prevent devices from visiting malicious sites
  • Scan and block suspicious activity and behavior
  • Alert users to suspicious activity

Control internet content

  • Stop users from visiting inappropriate content
  • Limit time on the internet
  • Monitor web usage for inappropriate activity

Report on all internet activity

  • Log and monitor all network activity
  • Review all web usage
  • Analyze bandwidth performance and usage
  • Track devices and alert when new devices connect

Enable full bandwidth shaping

  • Shape by application or category
  • Set quotas
  • Get real-time and historical bandwidth reports

Enjoy powerful policy controls

  • Provide different policies to different devices
  • Enable different policies for users on any device
  • Set internet policy by hour-of-day or username

Utilize VPN

  • Connect to your company VPN
  • Enjoy privacy with many VPN options