Just Released! NG Firewall v12.1

Features Geolocation and Responsive UI

NG Firewall version 12.1 is the most recent release. This release continues to improve upon the administrative interface experience, 360° Dashboard and responsive design that was introduced in v12. An overview of the major features in v12.1 is listed below.

We have a variety of version 12.1 video resources to help you with understanding the updated administrative interface and new features. You can find all the version 12.1 video resources here.

Administrative Interface

  • The interface has been updated to simplify and modernize the user experience, enabling access via PCs, tablets and phones.
  • New charts and graphs are now faster, look better and have increased functionality.
  • Dashboard configuration makes adding widgets and reports simple.
  • Setup wizards are now responsive and can be used on a phone or tablet.
  • Reports navigation has been updated to make it completely responsive, and also making navigation on PCs more user-friendly.


In addition to the user interface enhancements, NG Firewall version 12.1 provides new geolocation capabilities for all traffic. NG Firewall’s Integrated Rules EngineTM can utilize geolocation data to allow network administrators to create and apply rules based on client or server latitude and longitude or country. This enables network administrators to quickly triangulate where a threat is originating and create an appropriate policy response. Geolocation data is also available in NG Firewall’s reports and widgets.

  • You can now filter traffic based on its location. All sessions’ IPs run through a geolocation lookup and are attached to the session.
  • Create rules using geolocation data and create reports to find out when and where data is flowing.

Other Updates

  • Event-based Reporting. Event lists are now a type of Report entry. Network administrators can more easily create custom event list reports, allowing them to keep tabs on specific users, domains, sites, policies and more.
  • Performance. NG Firewall now performs a “dynamic bypass” function for UDP such that if all layer-7 applications “release” interest in the session, the data will be passed at layer 3, greatly boosting performance.
  • SSL Certificate Management. Management of client SSL certificates required for SSL Inspector has been further streamlined.
  • Google & Facebook Authentication. NG Firewall’s Directory Connector application now offers experimental support for authenticating users against their Google or Facebook accounts. This provides a flexible alternative for simplifying Captive Portal deployments.
  • On-demand VPN. IPsec VPN now supports IKEv2, allowing admins with iOS devices to force on-demand VPN with certification-based authentication.

Pricing & Availability
Untangle NG Firewall version 12.1 is available as a free download. Current Untangle customers will be able to upgrade seamlessly at no charge.

Major Release

Version 12 is the latest major release. It included the administrative interface redesign, introduced the 360° Dashboard and Untangle Cloud. To find a complete list of the changes in v12, visit the changelog.

Check out the video below to get a quick overview of the changes in version 12.0.

We have variety of v12 video resources to assist you in understanding the new features. You can view them all here.


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