NG Firewall Version 14.1 Just Released

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Introducing Zero Touch Provisioning for Easy Installation and Management at Remote Sites, Plus Improved Intrusion Prevention App for Simplified Configuration and Better Performance. 14.0 is the current major release, with 14.1 the latest current release.

Version 14.1

Easily Manage Remote NG Firewall Appliances with Zero Touch Provisioning

Zero touch provisioning enables easy access and configure of NG Firewall appliances, without requiring physical access to the appliance. This is an ideal scenario for MSPs who need to install and manage appliances for their clients without having to visit each client site. The appliance simply needs to be connected to the internet and the serial number provided to the MSP or IT admin for remote access to be initiated via Command Center. From there, the MSP or IT admin can set up the appliance to fit the needs of that location. The admin can also set up a template so that the appliance is immediately configured based on the template once it is connected and synced to Command Center, reducing management overhead and resulting in cost savings.

Intrusion Prevention: More Powerful & Easier to Configure

The Intrusion Prevention application has been updated for better performance and easier maintenance. The IPS engine is now using Suricata, instead of Snort, for improved technical performance and management. The Intrusion Prevention app now has automatic configuration for simplified setup and basic default settings. IT admins can go further to add additional rules, if necessary. Additional improvements include:

  • Signatures are updated on a daily basis

  • Reduce false positives with recommended actions

  • Rules based on available system memory, preserving performance

Additional Enhancements

  • Untangle has simplified the certification process for SSL configuration so IT admins have various way to upload the certificates, keys and intermediate certs.

  • Updated Application Control database

For a full list of changes in NG Firewall 14.1, please see the changelog.

Pricing & Availability

Untangle NG Firewall version 14.1 is available as a free download. Current Untangle customers will be able to upgrade seamlessly at no charge.


Join us for the Community Webinar: Version 14.1 on November 28, 2018 to learn more about the features in 14.0 and the new enhancements available in Command Center.

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