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To download NG Firewall, you will need to be on a desktop in order to burn an ISO CD image and install on a dedicated PC.

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Every download includes the NG Firewall platform, free apps, and a 14-day trial of all paid apps in the Complete package. To continue using paid features after 14 days, a Complete subscription or subscription to Individual Apps is required.

Choose your file type based on how you intend to deploy NG Firewall. You will need either a dedicated server, router or virtual machine.

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    Please note that you may install Untangle in a number of virtual environments, but only VMware deployments are supported by our Technical Support team with your Live Support subscription.
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NG Firewall needs a dedicated server to run on. We recommend at least a Pentium 4 Processor (or a similar AMD processor), 80 GB hard drive, 2 network cards, and 2 GB of memory. See additional hardware details. The PC does not need an operating system; NG Firewall installs its own operating system. On installation, the NG Firewall completely erases any content or data that may exist on that server’s hard drive.
NG Firewall needs a dedicated router to run on. You will also need a 16GB or greater USB drive. Unlike other firmware distributions, the Untangle firmware currently requires two images. The Untangle firmware image will be flashed onto the router, and the Untangle disk image will be written to the USB drive and inserted into the router. You will also need the USB drive (or a hard drive) for storage of logs and reports.
By just downloading OVA file, you can have Untangle NG Firewall up and running in a matter of minutes on your choice of virtual environment. In order to have a successful virtual deployment, the virtual appliance must have VMware ESX or ESXi running. If you choose to deploy NG Firewall in another virtual environment, please note that Untangle Technical Support will not be able to assist you.
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Too Complicated? Don’t Have Hardware? We Can Help!

Untangle offers a range of turnkey appliances with NG Firewall pre-installed. Just select the right model for your environment.

Why Choose an Untangle Appliance?

  • Customizable, cost-effective, turnkey deployment solution for NG Firewall software.

  • No need to try to spec your own hardware; we’ve done the hard work for you. Every appliance is guaranteed to work seamlessly with our software.

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