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To download NG Firewall, you will need to be on a desktop in order to burn an ISO CD image and install on a dedicated PC.

Download NG Firewall

Get NG Firewall up and running in no time with these four simple steps. Our base platform is completely free to use, for as long as you need.

Step 1: Get NG Firewall

Download the NG Firewall. You can then run any free or paid applications. Paid applications and packages will install with a 14-day trial.
CPU (RAM Size)
Image format
Version: 12.1.2
Size: MB
The NG Firewall needs a dedicated PC to run on. We recommend at least a Pentium 4 Processor (or a similar AMD processor), 80 GB hard drive, 2 network cards, and 1 GB of memory. See additional hardware details. The PC does not need an operating system; the NG Firewall installs its own operating system. On installation, the NG Firewall completely erases any content or data that may exist on that PC's hard drive.

Step 2: Write your image

ISO images are mainly used as source files from which to create CDs. Older Windows operating systems may require the use of special software to burn ISO images. You will need to download special software to burn the USB images.

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Tip: Burn the image to two CDs so that you have a backup, or save the ISO image so that you can make a backup CD later. Once you download the image ( .iso file) from Untangle's website, simply use ISO CD burning software to recreate the physical CD-ROM install media. Tip: Double-clicking the downloaded .iso image file will likely launch your burner software with the image file preselected. When your burner software has launched, simply insert a blank disc and click the Write button. To recreate the physical CD-ROM install media (using Burn At Once software):
  1. Launch the interface.
  2. Click File .
  3. Click Load New Image...
  4. Select the Untangle CD image file that you downloaded and saved to your computer.
  5. Insert a blank CD-R disc, and click the Write button.
ISO CD Burners :
OS Product Download
Windows CDBurnerXP (Free) Download
Windows ISO Burner (Free) Download
Windows InfraRecorder (Open source) Download
Windows Burn At Once Download
Windows/Vista ISO Recorder (not tested by Microsoft) Download
Windows Nero Download
  To install from a USB drive:
  1. Download Win32DiskImager.
  2. Insert your USB drive into your computer.
  3. Right click on your USB drive and format it using FAT32. This will erase all data on the drive!
  4. Launch Win32DiskImager and select the Untangle image file.
  5. Select the drive letter of your USB disk (be sure not to accidentally select your hard drive).
  6. Click Write to write the image to the drive.

Step 3: Install NG Firewall

Now it’s time to boot your dedicated PC using the image you just made. You will then run the install wizard and reboot the PC.

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In order to install the Untangle Server onto an existing computer using an image, as outlined in the Untangle Server Quick Start Guide , you need to boot from the drive containing the image. If this is your first time booting from an alternate drive, have no fear. Do the following, but read all the steps before you perform the following procedure because precise timing is required: To change the boot sequence:
  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Insert the Untangle Server CD into the CD-ROM, or plug in the USB drive.
  3. Turn off the computer with the CD in the drive or the USB drive attached.
  4. Turn on the computer again, and wait a few seconds before you see a screen that says BIOS . The BIOS screen only appears for a few seconds, so perform the next step quickly.
  5. Press the appropriate F key to launch the BIOS setup program. Your computer uses one of several keys for launching the BIOS setup program, depending on the manufacturer. The F2 , F10 or Del key is commonly used for this. If you don't see on the screen which key to use, try these. Repeat steps 3-5 until you determine the key which launches the Bios setup program.
  6. In the BIOS setup program, select the Boot Sequence (or similar) menu option.
  7. Use the menu commands to promote the CD-ROM or USB drive to position #1 and hard drive to #2. In many systems, U promotes a device.
  8. Save your changes by pressing the Esc key, then selecting Save .
Important: After you install the Untangle Server, the Untangle Server shuts down. When you turn it on again, repeat Steps 4-6 to change the boot sequence back to its original order so that the Untangle Server can boot from the hard drive. If you don't, the Untangle Server boots from the selected drive thereby reinstalling the software.

Step 4: Start NG Firewall

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed NG Firewall. Just click “Launch Client” and follow the instructions on your screen.

End User License Agreement (EULA) information

Need to uninstall? See here for more information on how to uninstall Untangle NG Firewall.