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Download any of Untangle’s free whitepapers on various industries and security topics, including: web filtering, network solutions for the financial industry, SSL encryption, and more.

Ransomware attacks are not going away anytime soon. Learn about the evolution of ransomware, the different types of ransomware, and how you can prepare and protect your network from the ransomware attacks we see today.

Learn how cyber threat intelligence like Untangle’s ScoutIQTM can go beyond traditional antivirus to proactively defend against the emerging threats that IT teams are more frequently facing.

What is geolocation by IP? Read this whitepaper to learn about geolocation by ip, the underlying problems, and how you can make geolocation by IP work for you.

Is your home network protected from IoT devices? This whitepaper details the rising risks of IoT devices and what you can do to secure your home network and these devices.

SSL encryption may not be as secure as you think. Find out the problems with SSL encryption and the solutions you can implement in this whitepaper.

Insider threat attacks are on the rise. This whitepaper helps you to identify insider threats and protect your organization’s data.

This whitepaper dives into the current problems school networks face today and discusses solutions to help keep kids safe on the evolving internet.

Find out how to optimize bandwidth for educational content, save money and stop bottlenecks from occurring on your network.

Regulatory compliance, widespread technology obstacles and transparency are key for all nonprofits. Make sure you have the right network solution in place to meet all these requirements.

Between reducing costs and improving quality, local, state and federal government agencies face many challenges and must find solutions to better conduct their IT operations. This whitepaper details types of solutions to look for to improve service quality and delivery as well as protect sensitive data.

Healthcare networks are becoming extremely complex, with many devices connecting to servers and accessing hospital resources. It is crucial that sensitive patient information is kept secure. This whitepaper outlines the problems the healthcare industry is currently facing and what network administrators can do to protect their networks.

Fast, reliable, secure and always available: these are the challenges for Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants and other public venues. Find out what the hospitality industry can do to better address connectivity issues.

Hackers are targeting financial institutions and fooling employees with phishing scams. Read this whitepaper to find out what you can do to protect your customers’ sensitive data.