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The Art of Avoiding a Phishing Attack

Phishing attacks have been targeting unsuspecting victims for many years. Each year, the number of phishing attempts continues to grow, becoming more sophisticated and harmful as hackers get more creative in their attacks. This whitepaper details the history of phishing and best practices you can take to protect yourself and your business.

Balancing Security and Accessibility with Compliance in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare networks are becoming extremely complex, with many devices connecting to and accessing hospital resources. It is crucial that sensitive patient information is kept secure. This whitepaper outlines the problems the healthcare industry is currently facing and what network administrators can do to protect their networks.

Best Practices for Geolocation by IP

What is geolocation by IP? Read this whitepaper to learn about geolocation by IP, the pros and cons, and how you can make geolocation by IP work for you.

Changing Legislation and the Impact on Data Privacy

In March 2017, the expectation of privacy while surfing the internet disappeared in the United States. Congress voted to eliminate the broadband privacy rules that required internet service providers (ISPs) to get explicit consent from consumers before selling or sharing web browsing data and other private information to third parties. This whitepaper details the history of internet data privacy and best practices you can take to protect your browsing history and personal information.

Cybersecurity for Risk Mitigation in Financial Services

The financial industry is no stranger to hacks and data breaches, but recently, the sector has been targeted more aggressively, leaving consumers wondering if their accounts and data are safe. As hackers and attacks become more sophisticated, it is crucial the financial services industry take appropriate actions to safeguard their systems, as well as their customers.

Finding the Balance: CIPA Web Filtering for K-12

The controversy around over-blocking and over-filtering continues as educators wrestle with the law and guidance from the FCC. Learn about the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and how administrators can provide appropriately filtered internet access to students, teachers and staff.

Government Mandate Drives Need for Better Network Solutions

Between reducing costs and improving quality, government agencies face many challenges as they digitize their resources and provide online services to the communities they serve. This whitepaper details types of solutions to look for to improve service quality and delivery as well as protect sensitive data.

How Cyber Threat Intelligence Safeguards Against Today’s Threat Landscape

Learn how cyber threat intelligence like Untangle’s ScoutIQTM can go beyond traditional antivirus to proactively defend against the emerging threats that IT teams are more frequently facing.

Internet of Things at Home

Is your home network protected from IoT devices? This whitepaper details the rising risks of IoT devices and what you can do to secure your home network and these devices.

Leading Your Business through the COVID-19 Crisis

This white paper outlines key steps businesses, regardless of size, can take to support employees, maintain critical functions, and assess how to continue providing goods and services for their customers during this time.

Managing IoT in Higher Education

Student devices aren’t the only concern for universities anymore; smart devices are now internet-enabled and connected to the network. Learn about the recent attacks targeting colleges and universities, how to manage bandwidth for educational purposes, and tips to protect the network from the threats posed by Internet of Things devices.

Moving to the Public Cloud

Network security has grown more complex as the network perimeter has changed and grown. The traditional approach of firewalls at each physical location with separate networks has now morphed into a unified network approach connecting headquarters, satellite offices and remote workers. In order to achieve seamless network security and management across dispersed locations, organizations have turned to the public cloud and firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS).

Network Security Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Today’s not-for-profit organizations must be keenly aware of their data management, governance and security needs, as more services and tasks are processed digitally. Everything from donor information to contribution records needs to be handled with great care in order to adhere to best practices and industry regulations. There are many characteristics that separate nonprofits from privately owned businesses, but the pressing need for a comprehensive network security solution isn’t one of them. To excel and thrive in the digital age, nonprofit organizations must employ high-quality network management solutions.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

By 2021, cybersecurity risks are expected to increase with cybercrime damage costs reaching $6 trillion annually, according to CSO Magazine. As large data breaches continue to make headlines, it is important that organizations and our nation’s critical infrastructure take steps to improve their network security to protect from cyberthreats. This whitepaper explains the NIST CSF Framework, new updates and adoption rates of the framework, and how small agencies can implement the framework without breaking the bank.

Open Wi-Fi Challenges for Public Institutions

Wi-Fi is now a necessity everyone expects to be available no matter where they go—preferably free of charge. For public institutions like libraries and local governments, providing public Wi-Fi is desirable, but can add a level of difficulty to IT management due to the regulations they must abide by. This whitepaper details the challenges public institutions face and provides simple tips they can take to improve network security.

Ransomware: Recent Attacks & Cost

Ransomware attacks are not going away anytime soon. Learn about the evolution of ransomware, the different types of ransomware, and how you can prepare and protect your network from the ransomware attacks we see today.

Reduce the Financial Impact of Data Breaches to Your Business

Cyber attacks continue to affect both enterprise and small-to-midsize businesses. To combat these attacks, security professionals and IT Departments are implementing more detection and containment methodologies over extensive preventative measures. While IT budgets are increasing as business revenue increases, only a small fraction, 21%, of this budget is being used on preventative network security measures, in comparison to 79% being used for detection, mitigation, recovery, and remediation activities.

Risks Versus Benefits of BYOD and Open Wi-Fi for SMB

Mobile devices have become a critical tool for both personal and professional use, simplifying and enabling a variety of tasks. More and more businesses are enacting bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies to allow employees to use their own equipment in an effort to save money and increase employee productivity. This whitepaper outlines the potential risks and benefits when embracing BYOD and open Wi-Fi, as well as best practices to implementing BYOD and open Wi-Fi policies for your business.

Safeguarding Your Network From IoT Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved to include devices we never dreamed of just a few years ago. Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) often lack the budget and staff to effectively manage all of the devices connecting to the network. Learn about the recent IoT trend and how it affects small businesses, the risks associated with IoT devices brought onto the network, and best practices to lock down IoT devices.

Securing the Distributed Enterprise: Remote and Branch Offices

Large businesses and small businesses both struggle with the same underlying problem: keeping their organization’s network secure. While ensuring the network is secure at headquarters might be of top concern to most companies, it is the branch offices and remote employees that can cause the most damage if a breach were to occur. This whitepaper discusses the latest trends of remote workers and branch offices, and best practices organizations can take to secure them.

Securing the Distributed Enterprise with SD-WAN

As organizations grow and expand, offices become more dispersed and connectivity becomes a challenge. Communication between headquarters and branch offices is the key to success for any business. This whitepaper details the benefits of SD-WAN, provides real-life use cases of how SD-WAN could work for your organization, and how Untangle can help with SD-WAN deployment.

State & Local Governments: Protect Your Network

In today’s world, breaches are becoming a common threat for both small and large organizations in every industry. Government agencies are often the target of sophisticated attacks, as they can house personal and sensitive information that are ideal for hackers to steal and sell. This whitepaper details the largest government breaches to date, challenges government agencies face and steps to take to start securing your network.

Student Data Privacy: Protecting What’s Important

Student privacy is of top concern for schools and parents. Learn what laws are in place to protect student privacy, how the rise in online learning creates more data collection and sharing, and best practices schools can implement to ensure student data stays private.