Untangle Network
Security Framework

SD-WAN Router, Micro Firewall Bring Cloud-managed Security & Connectivity to the Network Edge

Introducing the Untangle Network Security Framework, a new approach to security orchestration across the enterprise. The Untangle Network Security Framework provides IT teams with the ability to ensure protection, monitoring and control for all devices, applications, and events, enforcing a consistent security posture across the entire digital attack surface—putting IT back in control of dispersed networks, hybrid cloud environments, and IoT and mobile devices.

Framework diagram

The Untangle Network Security Framework includes the award-winning NG Firewall and Command Center products, along with two new products: Micro Firewall and SD-WAN Router. Micro Firewall and SD-WAN Router extend Untangle’s network security product family to the network edge and IoT devices, securing and optimizing a range of different networking scenarios to meet the needs of connected organizations.

Untangle SD-WAN Router

Untangle’s SD-WAN Router is a lightweight, network-edge solution that provides both advanced routing capabilities to deliver network performance optimization, plus a built-in, intelligent firewall to ensure the network is always secure.

Optimize the Network by Accelerating the Performance of Broadband Internet or any other WAN Connections and Links
Untangle’s SD-WAN router uses advanced, configurable routing techniques to ensure that traffic is sent across the local network and over the internet in the most efficient manner. When performance matters most, such as for business-critical but bandwidth-intensive applications, network traffic will be accelerated.

Secure the Edge with Built-in Layer 3 Advanced Firewall Capabilities
Untangle’s SD-WAN router comes with a lightweight, artificial intelligence-based, Layer 3 firewall that will predetermine paths based on Untangle’s proprietary Predictive Routing™ service.

Simplify Deployment and Management with Zero Touch Provisioning and Cloud-based Centralized Management
Every Untangle SD-WAN router can connect to Untangle Command Center, making configuring and managing one appliance, or thousands of appliances, easy.

Untangle Micro Firewall

Untangle Micro Firewall is a purpose-built, lightweight, containerized firewall with proprietary, patent-pending Predictive RoutingTM, an AI-based routing service that predetermines network traffic routing paths based on historical patterns and machine learning, enabling fast routing of traffic as soon as criteria are recognized, bringing Layer 7 application-level packet steering to Layer 3 to intelligently process all traffic, regardless of whether or not it is encrypted. Predictive Routing can detect malicious activity and enforce network policies, dropping traffic that can cause harm, or routing traffic to a remote or cloud-based security service for further processing.

Designed as a lightweight solution purpose-built for small network appliances and IoT devices, Untangle Micro Firewall runs in a Linux container, independent of the software stack. It is optimized for cloud management via Untangle Command Center or API.

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