Statement Regarding End of Life of IC Control

As of December 31, 2016, Untangle Internet Content Control (ICC) will no longer be available for renewal.

Why is Internet Content Control going away?

Untangle has merged many of the core technologies from the Internet Content Control product into NG Firewall. NG Firewall will be offered as a replacement to all current Internet Content Control customers.

What does this mean for you?


Until December 31, 2016, you may renew ICC for a one-year term only.
You will no longer be able to renew ICC after December 31, 2016. You will need to migrate to NG Firewall.


New, replacement or upgrade IC Control hardware purchases are no longer available.
If your ICC hardware is still under warranty, that warranty will continue to be honored until the end of its term.

If your product is scheduled to renew this year, please contact your Untangle account manager or today.

How is NG Firewall different from ICC?

Internet Content Control (ICC) was designed solely for web filtering, bandwidth management and reporting as a secure web gateway solution. NG Firewall offers all of these features, but much more—including improved URL categorization, HTTPS inspection for secure connections, application control, better bandwidth and QoS management, malware and intrusion protection, spam and phishing blockers, VPN and captive portal capabilities, plus industry-leading reporting. We think you’ll be impressed by what NG Firewall has to offer.

The sales staff is ready to help you review your current installation, map the conversion to our NG Firewall solution and get you the pro-rated credit to make the move. If you are still not convinced, please allow us to work with you. Join the other ICC customers who have already made the switch and are loving the new product.

Is there any incentive available to move to NG Firewall?

Yes. We will apply a pro-rated credit for the rest of your ICC subscription towards your purchase of NG Firewall. We can work with you on pricing and professional services to make the migration easy. Please contact your account manager or today.