Cloud Services

Control Untangle NG Firewall Deployments
from Any Browser

Untangle provides a range of security services that amplify the power of your NG Firewall deployments—at no additional cost. Delivered as cloud-based software services, these new products can be added seamlessly to NG Firewall without the need for additional hardware, configuration or onsite visits.

Command Center

Our cloud-based centralized management allows you to quickly and simply control your Untangle NG Firewall deployments from any browser—without the costly purchase and maintenance headache of an on-premise solution. We’ve brought the same ease-of-use you expect from Untangle to our management console, enabling you to control all of your NG Firewall deployments from a single pane of glass.

  • Cloud-based centralized management of all your NG Firewall deployments

  • See the status of your sites at a glance—all in one place

  • View threat and alert history across sites, or drill down into a specific deployment

  • Get valuable auditing logs—key to regulatory compliance

  • Manage licensing, software updates, backups and more

  • Manage policies across deployments; create once, deploy across many

  • Untangle Command Center is now included with NG Firewall Complete


ScoutIQ, a cloud service from Untangle, aggregates data about threats we see in the wild—on actual Untangle NG Firewall deployments—worldwide. Our cyber intelligence platform delivers detailed threat analysis across all traffic types seen on today’s networks, inspecting data at the application level, to provide insights across every port, protocol, and application, including SSL-encrypted traffic. By synthesizing intelligence information in the cloud, ScoutIQ can provide superior protection against unknown and emerging threats to Untangle NG Firewall subscribers globally and seamlessly.

  • Cloud scanning—no software to install

  • Included with Virus Blocker—no additional charge

  • Leverages real-world intelligence from NG Firewall deployments

  • Increases efficacy against every type of threat: malware, trojans, worms, ransomware, more

  • ScoutIQ is included with NG Firewall Complete