xSeries FAQ 

What is the xSeries?

Untangle is introducing a new series of appliances aimed at small networks and distributed locations like remote/branch offices and retail outlets. The xSeries offers best-in-class price performance designed for these kinds of customers.

We’re excited to present this introductory offer to customers who are looking for a robust, high-performance appliance with a rugged form factor. The appliances are designed for up to 50 users and their devices. Prices start at $299.

Why is Untangle introducing new appliances?

Untangle is a security software company that has taken a different approach than other vendors. Our software is designed to work on a range of different appliances available from us, our partners and third parties. We continuously evaluate new platforms that can provide benefit to our customers. The xSeries offers industry-leading price-performance, perfect for smaller networks.

What is the difference between the xSeries and uSeries?

The xSeries is an introductory offer aimed at smaller networks. The u25x and u25xw are an alternative to the u25. The u50x is an alternative to the u50, and the u50xw is a new wireless offering.

In addition to a difference in price, the appliances also differ in terms of components, ports and form factor, making them suitable for different environments.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about which appliance is right for you.

Which one should I buy?

It depends on your environment. Customers who are concerned about having the smallest possible appliance footprint should consider the u25. Customers who are looking for the most cost-effective solution should consider the xSeries. Customers who need a wireless appliance that supports more users and devices than the u25xw should consider the u50xw.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about which appliance is right for you.

Are you going to have larger appliances in the xSeries?

The u25x, u25xw, u50x, u50xw are the only xSeries appliances available at this time.

Do the xSeries appliances replace their uSeries equivalents?

No. The xSeries appliances are a new offering that Untangle is introducing to its customers.