Untangling Fast Food French Fries


Following in the tradition of our famous “Anti-Virus Fight Club,” the Untangle headquarters staff decided to take on another massive bake-off. The target this time: French Fries!


The idea began when Untangle’s CEO (me) shared his opinion that Burger King fries now ruled the fast-food roost, and that McD’s fries now suck. This statement engendered a lot of disbelief and contention, to the point where team morale was affected. So we decided to do something about it.

Fries Taste Test


While our Engineering Department favored a double-blind regimen, Support and Finance rightfully pointed out the impracticality of doing so with available resources. So a single-blind approach was taken, run by our Controller (of course). We quickly identified a short list of contenders:

  • Wendy’s

  • Burger King

  • McDonald’s

  • In-N-Out

  • Carl’s Jr.

  • Jack n Box

At 11AM, teams of support personal were sent to collect samples (2 “Large” portions each) at each restaurant. When all were collected, our Controller secretly placed them on numbered bowls (keeping the “key” to herself). Our panel of judges (see image) was free to test them in any manner they saw fit, to include topping choices, etc. The then privately rank-ordered their top three, and turned their ballots in for collation.

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Some participants were shocked by the outcome, listed here best to worst:

  1. In-N-Out
  2. Burger King
  3. Carl’s Jr
  4. Jack n Box
  5. Wendy’s
  6. McDonald’s

In truth, In-N-Out won this competition handily. However, due to their popularity and resulting long lines, their entry arrived last and was freshest. This may have biased the result somewhat. Few would now argue the tremendous downslide that McD’s fries have experienced. Sad but true.

As a sidenote, our Founder (Dirk) displayed an uncanny ability to name the creator of the fry after just a single taste. A useful and laudable skill to be sure!

NEXT TIME:     Pizza…

– Bob

DISCLAIMER:  These results are purely subjective and represent the opinion of the tasters, not the official opinion of Untangle, Inc. They may not be scientifically reproducible.