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WAN Balancer improves network performance by spreading your traffic across multiple internet connections. Each WAN interface requires a dedicated network card in the Untangle Server.

WAN Balancer lets you improve total throughput on your network by leveraging multiple ISPs. Send traffic over specific IPs using percentages and force certain PCs or servers to use a specific ISP. NOTE: Includes WAN Failover.

  • Allocates traffic across multiple internet providers.
  • Helps you maximizes bandwidth.
  • Improves network performance.
  • Supports up to 7 independent WANs with QoS enabled (over 200 with QoS disabled).
  • Includes WAN Failover for maximum uptime.

  • Notes:
  • Each WAN connection will require its own separate network card in the server.
  • Each Internet connection must be in separate IP address space.
  • If present, PPPoE must be handled by the upstream DSL modem.
  • Your maximum available bandwith will be improved as there will be more to go around, however the maximum speed will still be that of the particular ISP used for each connection.
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