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Price From: $40.00

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As Untangle's value bundle, Standard Package includes everything an organization needs to get started. Standard Package features robust web filtering, application control, multiple layers of network security and Live Support with Configuration Backup.

Customers requiring advanced web filtering, virus blocking and performance management capabilities usually choose Premium Package, which includes every application Untangle offers.

Standard Package features these paid NG Firewall applications:
  • Web Filter - Premium web content filtering.
  • HTTPS Inspector - Decrypt HTTPS to allow other apps to process the datastream.
  • Application Control - Control hundreds of popular applications, from Facebook games to BitTorrent downloaders to Ultrasurf proxies.
  • Live Support - Easy resolution of technical issues. Includes Configuration Backup!
  • Policy Manager - Create web usage restrictions, such as teacher vs student.
  • Branding Manager - Customize "block" screens with your own messages and logo.
  • IPsec VPN - Securely connect your network to others.
  • Directory Connector - Enforce restrictions and view reports by Active Directory user name.

  • It also includes all of our free applications:

  • Web Filter Lite
  • Application Control Lite
  • Virus Blocker Lite
  • Phish Blocker
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Firewall
  • OpenVPN
  • Reports
  • Spam Blocker Lite
  • Captive Portal
  • Ad Blocker
  • Specific information and documentation for all of the apps in the Standard Package can be found on our forums and on our wiki:

    Untangle's NG Firewall Forum
    Untangle's NG Firewall Documentaiton

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