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Block spyware at the network gateway before it reaches users desktops. Zero client installations and an intuitive GUI make it easy to protect users from browsing websites that install malware.

Scan network traffic to block spyware before users can install it and ensure that signatures are always current with automatic updates.

  • Open source and free under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
  • Manage your block and pass lists.
  • Event log shows real-time spyware detected and blocked.
  • Reports track violations in summary, detail, and by user.
  • Special Unblock feature is an option that administrators can give to users for bypassing and/or whitelisting websites on Untangle's blocklists.
  • Untangle Forums: Spyware Blocker
    Untangle Wiki: Spyware Blocker

    Spyware Blocker examines web requests from your protected network and does the following:
  • Uses virus signatures to detect and identify specific viruses.
  • Prevents keystroke-loggers that steal passwords while users type.
  • Provides a URL blacklist to block known spyware websites (for example, gator.com).
  • Provides a URL blacklist to block websites that require cookies.
  • Examines the IP addresses of websites that users visit, and compares those IP addresses against a list of offending subnets.
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