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Policy Manager enables administrators to fine tune network privileges. Policy Manager's intuitive GUI and "virtual rack" metaphor makes it easy for administrators to create network-access policies by username, time or day of the week.

You can even create unique filtering settings for individual users and/or groups.

  • Time-based policies: Lunch hour vs. On-the-clock.
  • Day-based policies: Weekday vs. Weekend.
  • User or group-based policies: Engineering vs. Sales.
  • Installs on the Untangle platform with in seconds after download.
  • Guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with other Untangle apps.
  • Runs at the gateway with no client software to install.
  • Reporting (PDF and HTML) and logging to monitor network, system and user behavior.

  • Set up policies using any or all of the following criteria:

  • Day of week
  • Time of day
  • Username (requires Directory Connector)
  • Client and/or Server IP Address
  • Protocol (TCP/UDP)
  • Port
  • Client and/or Server Interface
  • Untangle Forums: Policy Manager
    Untangle Wiki: Policy Manager

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