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Attack Blocker stops denial of service (DOS) attacks. Pre-configured settings and an intuitive GUI make it easier to provide 24/7 network protection from DOS attacks.

Sort good traffic from bad with reputation-based heuristics and put legitimate users with intensive bandwidth needs on Pass lists.

  • Open source and free under the GNU General Public License.
  • Dynamically blocks flood attacks based on reputational heurisitics.
  • Carefully allocates network resources to legitimate users if the network is under attack.
  • Create exception list of users allowed to behave aggressively.
  • Event logs and reports show limited, dropped, and rejected events.
  • Untangle Forums: Attack Blocker
    Untangle Wiki: Attack Blocker

    Attack Blocker protects the network by:
  • Sanitizing all packets that Untangle receives and eliminates all packet-based attacks -- you do not need to configure any settings because this packet-cleaning is built-in functionality.
  • Protecting against lower-level networking attacks.
  • Protecting against Denial Of Service (DOS) attacks.
  • Protects your network from attack.
  • Uses technology developed in-house by Untange to profile computers interacting with your network to determine the risk of attack, and then limits, drops or rejects access from attackers.
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