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Untangle for Nonprofits

Providing powerful and affordable solutions.

Nonprofits face many of the same challenges as for-profit businesses, such as securing their networks and data while keeping their staff safe and productive. But often, nonprofits have tighter operational budgets and even fewer resources to deal with IT infrastructure, online security, and secure data issues.

To make sure that network security doesn’t take a backseat to other budget needs, Untangle provides nonprofit organizations with the same powerful, easy-to-use solutions that it sells to businesses, but with special pricing to fit those tighter budgets.

Introducing NG Firewall Nonprofit Complete

Nonprofit Complete is now available to protect as few as 1-50 devices on your network.

NG Firewall Case Study

LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation)

Eric Fong is an 11-year IT veteran who was looking for a great next-generation firewall. To safeguard his network, Eric needed to filter websites, block spam and viruses, report incidents, and more. At LAF, staff used their own devices to connect to the network from both within and outside the office. His current solutions were expensive and required special client configuration.

Untangle replaced a lot of separate equipment, outperforming each one of them.

Eric Fong, IT Supervisor

NG Firewall Case Study

Hunter Valley Grammar School

With a large campus and 600 BYOD on the school’s network, safe search and bandwidth control are of utmost important to Phil. Using a proxy-based solution proved to be ineffective and very limiting, as many applications were not proxy-aware and performed poorly. With a complex router already in place, Phil began looking for alternative solutions, but quickly found that many solutions were far too expensive to fit his school-sized IT budget.

Untangle’s flexibility and ease-of-use works for our continuously growing network.

Phil Burgess, IT Manager

NG Firewall Special Pricing

Nonprofit Complete

Qualifying not-for-profit institutions, NGOs, private schools and religious organizations can purchase Nonprofit Complete.

Is Untangle Right For You?

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Web Filtering, HTTPS/SSL Inspection, Application Control
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WAN Balancing & Failover
Policy Engine, Active Directory Integration, Captive Portal
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