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Untangle for Hospitality & Retail

Providing a high level of service cost-effectively.

Wi-fi is now the top amenity customers want. It’s mandatory for businesses to provide a high level of service cost-effectively. While most hospitality organizations have deployed wi-fi, having it available is just the first step. Ensuring a secure and reliable Internet connection for all users is the real difference between wi-fi being a success or failure.

With Untangle, providing a secure and reliable wireless connection is simple and the benefits are clear. Customers will have the convenience to safely go online wherever they are located on the property. Basic Internet access can be provided for free, and if higher bandwidth is needed, tiered service offerings can be made available. For back-office operations, businesses can prioritize Internet traffic for reservation systems, administration tools, point-of-sale and more to provide a high level of service regardless of where the transaction occurs.

We use Untangle as a firewall, a spam filter, a spyware detector, an antivirus—everything, really.

– Summer Hill, Ltd.

NG Firewall Case Study

Summer Hill, Ltd.

Summer Hill, Ltd. is a relatively small business with a global reach. Craig Brown runs Summer Hill’s IT operation. Like a lot of network staff in small to medium businesses, he does not have an extensive background in IT. Craig protects the Summer Hill network with Untangle. Although it’s not a particularly complex operation, Summer Hill’s servers host a database and applications that are vital to the smooth running of the company’s international operations.

It’s nice to know the capability for easy expansion is there.

Craig Brown, IT Coordinator, Summer Hill Ltd.

NG Firewall Case Study

The Catania Hospitality Group

Over the past 40 years, the Catania Hospitality Group has grown from a single family restaurant to an award-winning collection of restaurants, hotels/resorts, and spas. Robert Topolski is the only IT resource for all of Catania Hospitality Group’s (CHG) properties. He is in charge of keeping all business information including credit card, employee information, sales, and reservations safe from threats.

Untangle’s NG Firewall has everything under one roof, and you don’t get that with any other vendor at the low cost that Untangle can do it.

Robert Topolski, IT Supervisor, The Catania Hospitality Group

We ended up testing out the NG Firewall Complete package and was amazed at how easy it was to set up a safe, reliable guest Wi-Fi network while protecting our back-of-the-house operations.

Is Untangle right for you?

Easily deploy and manage Internet access that is cost-effective for free users, and profitable for paid users
Captive portal to identify every user and their network access level
Unique and granular policies with Active Directory/LDAP integration for tiered service levels and organizational departments
Prevent network slowdowns caused by any individual or group of users and applications
Provide optimal QoS for in-room technologies such as VoIP, VOD, IPTV & VPN
Optimized bandwidth for mission-critical back-office applications (reservation and administration tools, POS, etc.)
Web caching for frequently accessed IP-based content
Stops malware before it can enter your network
Helps meet PCI DSS requirements
Layer 7 application awareness to identify all incoming application traffic regardless of port destination