NG Firewall HomePro

Today’s home networks are more complex than ever before with the increase of interconnected devices. Now, with the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, more laptops, tablets, and smartphones are connected to the internet. With smart home appliances, security systems, pools, stereo systems, TVs and gaming consoles, it is more crucial than ever to gain visibility and control over what is happening on your network.

Untangle can help. Unlike today’s home Wi-Fi routers, Untangle NG Firewall logs traffic for rich, robust reporting into every facet of what’s happening online: sites your kids are visiting, neighbors jumping on your wireless network, and your newest IP-enabled gadget phoning home. NG Firewall allows you to create rules for managing access to websites, applications, and content based on criteria like device, user, time of day, day of the week and more.

The HomePro package includes all NG Firewall applications, free and paid, except for:

With HomePro, you still receive the benefit of Virus Blocker Lite. Both Live Support and Virus Blocker applications can be purchased separately.


  • Premium web content filtering.

  • Create web usage restrictions, with different settings for adults, teens, and kids.

  • Leverage multiple Internet Service Providers SPs for better bandwidth availability.

  • Control any application or protocol with a checkbox or use the Integrated Rules Engine to leverage other Untangle apps for complex rules.

  • Restrict access to specific applications simply by clicking a checkbox, or set up rules across Untangle’s wide range of apps for powerful access controls.

  • Block spam messages so that they don’t hit your inbox


The HomePro license is priced for personal use at a fraction of the cost of our commercial license.

Untangle reserves the right to verify that the license is being used in a way that is consistent with the spirit and intent of the license: for non-commercial, residential use.

Users may not use the license in mixed use settings that may be considered commercial such as residential care facilities, childcare facilities, home-operated businesses or any setting that is wholly or in part a commercial endeavor.

Untangle reserves the right to make the determination whether any use is inconsistent with the intent of the license.

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HomePro is a NG Firewall subscription for residential, non-commercial use.

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