NG Firewall HomePro

Now you can take advantage of NG Firewall with a specially priced subscription available for non-commercial, residential use. The HomePro package includes all NG Firewall applications, free and paid, except for:

–  Branding Manager
–  Live Support
–  Virus Blocker

With HomePro, you still receive the benefit of Virus Blocker Lite. Each of the applications not included can be purchased separately.
NOTE: HomePro license available for residential, non-commercial use only.

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HomePro is an NG Firewall subscription for residential, non-commercial use.

Starting at $50.00 a year!

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HomePro includes these paid NG Firewall applications:
  • Web Filter – Premium web content filtering.
  • SSL Inspector – Decrypt HTTPS and SMTP to allow other apps to process the datastream.
  • Policy Manager – Create web usage restrictions, such as teacher vs student.
  • WAN Failover – Keep yourself online with multiple ISPs.
  • WAN Balancer – Leverage multiple ISP’s for better bandwidth utilization.
  • IPsec VPN – Securely connect your network to others.
  • Application Control – Control any application or protocol with a checkbox or use the Integrated Rules Engine to leverage other Untangle apps for complex rules.
  • Web Cache – Save time and money by caching frequently accessed items.
  • Bandwidth Control – Prioritize traffic as you see fit.
  • Spam Blocker – Stop spam before it hits your mail server.
  • Directory Connector – Enforce restrictions and view reports by Active Directory user name.

  •   NOTE: HomePro does not include Branding Manager, Virus Blocker and Live Support (which are sold separately).
      HomePro also includes all of our free NG Firewall applications:
  • Web Monitor
  • Application Control Lite
  • Virus Blocker Lite
  • Phish Blocker
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Firewall
  • OpenVPN
  • Reports
  • Spam Blocker Lite
  • Captive Portal
  • Ad Blocker
  • Tunnel VPN