Conversion Service

Untangle Conversion Service makes it easy to make the switch to Untangle. Untangle engineers will map the settings of your existing Firewall/UTM over to your new Untangle NG Firewall, delivering a drop-in solution for your legacy appliance.

Get Conversion Service

Let us help you transition from your existing Firewall/UTM to your new Untangle NG Firewall.

Starting at $295.00!


  • Appliance is pre-configured to match your network

  • Applications are installed and ready for use

  • Reduces downtime

  • Reduces installation time

  • Configured security services available immediately

NOTE: Not all settings on your appliance will have an equivalent setting in Untangle. Certain applications such as Directory Connector can only be fully configured on the local network. We will notify you of any possible problems or remaining configurations required.