Campaign 2016: Selecting the right candidate for your network firewall

When it comes to their security solutions, businesses have to make sure that they’re selecting the right technology for their needs. Not all protection systems are the same, and this is especially true of network firewalls.

In this spirit, it’s not unlike choosing a political candidate: In addition to being generally favored, businesses must also ensure that the features and capabilities offered by their available firewall options align with their most pressing needs.

So what should your company look for when it comes time to choose?

Decision 2016: Firewall must-haves

Similar to picking our next president, there are a few important items to consider when selecting the right network firewall. These include:

  • Management and visibility: While firewalls may offer a range of capabilities, there are certain features that are critical to have in place. These include filtering capabilities that provide visibility into all activity happening within the network, as well as management features for granular control.

  • End-to-end connectivity: It’s also paramount that the firewall is able to handle an array of different connection types. Hybrid networks that encompass traditional connections alongside remote users, branch office locations and guest Wi-Fi are being deployed in more companies than ever, and your network firewall must be able to keep up.

  • Protection at every level: In addition to safeguarding all of the network’s connections, your firewall should also be able to deeply inspect traffic at the application and encryption level.

  • Integrated features: TechTarget noted that one of the most attractive things about today’s next generation firewalls is their ability to integrate a number of key features into a single appliance. However, it’s important to understand which of these capabilities your business continually needs, and which may not apply to the organization.

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“[E]nabling all available features at once could result in serious performance degradation,” TechTarget contributor Mike O. Villegas noted. “Admittedly, NGFW performance metrics have improved over the years, but the buyer needs to seriously consider performance in relationship to the security features they want to enable when determining the vendors they approach and the model of NGFW they choose.”
For this reason, it’s also critical to work with a provider that can not only provide your company with the NG firewall it’s looking for, but help guide the deployment of this asset as well.

Untangle, an industry-leading network security provider, specializes in ensuring that your network is protected from end to end. Our best-in-class NG Firewall includes all of the must-haves discussed here, as well as the ability to balance top security priorities to guarantee quality of service and performance. NG Firewall is ahead of the pack in part due to its unique Virtual Pipelining™ technology, which allows for the inspection of all traffic simultaneously without requiring inefficient application proxies.

What’s more, our expert tech team can assist you in selecting the right add-ons for more custom protection that truly matches the needs of your organization.

When it comes time to choose your next network firewall, contact Untangle.