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The top 4 things that happened at DEF CON 24

DEF CON, one of the biggest hacker conventions around, was just held in early August in Las Vegas. As one of the largest gatherings of hackers and cybersecurity experts on the planet, DEF CON showcases the present and future of hacking, cybersecurity and networking. Of everything that went on over the conference, here are the four biggest things that […]

Network setup best practices: 4 protection mechanisms all networks should have

In order to help protect key information and databases, many organizations will be very particular in how they set up their network and what protection mechanisms they put in place. But how it actually occurs and what specifically is used can vary dramatically from one organization to the next. A well-organized and well-protected network should […]

Admin is Root

It’s that time again. Yet another security researcher has discovered and “disclosed” that in Untangle “admins” have administrator privileges. In Untangle, and in general English, “admin” is abbreviation for “administrator.” If an admin creates a new set of admin credentials (a username/password) and provides those credentials to a person, then that person now has administrator […]

Back-to-school tips for education networks

While it may seem like just yesterday that the bell rang on the last day of the school year, in short order the kids will be back in school for the next academic year. Summer is a time for students and teachers to relax, but not for IT administrators and staff. This period when kids […]

How to keep ransomware attacks away from backups

Since its emergence,  the numerous variants of ransomware have wreaked havoc on networks and computers worldwide. By encrypting files and not releasing them until a ransom is paid, ransomware has proven to be especially effective and lucrative for cybercriminals. Even backups are no longer safe from ransomware. But, with a little knowledge and the right […]

Sysadmins: IT Superheroes! Retweet to Win!

Everyday, sysadmins step into the line of fire to protect the common folk from viruses, malware, and hackers. While their superpowers are many, IT superheroes who are in the know have Untangle NG Firewall as their first line of defense. This month we are celebrating the selfless sysadmins who go out of their way to […]

4 ways to stop insider threats

Most discussions around data breaches and cybercriminal activity focus on external players like hackers. But, this is only skimming the surface regarding the multitudinous threats that organizations face today. In fact, insiders are increasingly playing a large, outsized role in many data leaks. According to the 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon, insider threats […]

How to declare your independence from spam

  Unlike the canned meat, which has both its supporters and detractors, spam email is loved by no one – except perhaps cybercriminals. While spam emails have been around for decades, they remain all too prevalent today. But, there are some easy ways to keep spam out of any inbox. Current state of spam The message that […]

The most effective firewall features to use

Firewalls have long been part of an effective network monitoring and protection scheme, and that remains the case still today. But, not all firewalls are as effective as others, and each one has its upsides and downsides for every organization. Here are four firewall features to consider: 1) Geolocation by IP “China is the source […]

What is the future of SSL?

As a way to encrypt and thus keep web traffic away from prying eyes, the Secure Sockets Layer protocol has been the go-to option for e-commerce firms and others on the internet for many years now. But, as cybercriminals continue to find holes in SSL and as issues with the underpinning technology arise, its future […]