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Campaign 2016: Selecting the right candidate for your network firewall

When it comes to their security solutions, businesses have to make sure that they’re selecting the right technology for their needs. Not all protection systems are the same, and this is especially true of network firewalls. In this spirit, it’s not unlike choosing a political candidate: In addition to being generally favored, businesses must also […]

The Horrors of IT: Share Your Story! Contest

As Halloween gets closer, our minds drift to the scary stories, creepy creatures and tasty treats that October brings. But as IT professionals, your workplace horror stories can be downright terrifying, funny or just plain ridiculous. In honor of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we want to bring to light the crazy network security or general […]

Top 3 features that hotels need in their network security solution

Recently, there has been considerable attention surrounding the issue of network security at hotels and resorts. These networks have been notoriously insecure, particularly in the eyes of travelers who have heard horror stories about public, unprotected Wi-Fi at hospitality institutions. Now, however, it’s time for this industry to do better. Many decision-makers are seeking solutions […]

School’s in session, but is your network ready?

For students, teachers, administrators and others involved in the education sector, this season means one thing: back to school. As parents make efforts to prepare their children to return to classes, educators are working to ensure that the school and its resources are ready for the months ahead. And one of the most important assets […]

What can hospitals learn from the Kansas Heart Hospital breach?

It’s a story similar to many others that have been taking place over the last few years. Employees and executives come into their place of business like any other day, only to realize that the critical data they need to do their jobs is locked away under the watchful eyes of cybercriminal encryption. Kansas Heart […]

4 things all nonprofits need to know about network security

Nonprofits face unique challenges when it comes to ensuring network security. Unlike many organizations in the private sector, nonprofits need to create a secure network environment on a tight budget and often without the assistance of a dedicated IT staff. Still, ensuring network security is just as important for charities and other not-for-profit organizations as […]

The network’s role in IoT security

The Internet of Things is one of the biggest trends in the technology world today, growing by leaps and bounds. According to Gartner, an estimated 6.4 billion connected objects will be in existence by the end of this year, and approximately 25 billion IP-connected things may be around in 2020. Should these predictions come true, […]

Is recreational traffic slowing down your network?

At most organizations, are people working hard or hardly working? If internet usage statistics are any indication, the latter is true. For starters, a 2010 report found that 10 percent of all business bandwidth is used for YouTube, while close to 7 percent of all links clicked by employees are related to Facebook. In the […]

The top 4 things that happened at DEF CON 24

DEF CON, one of the biggest hacker conventions around, was just held in early August in Las Vegas. As one of the largest gatherings of hackers and cybersecurity experts on the planet, DEF CON showcases the present and future of hacking, cybersecurity and networking. Of everything that went on over the conference, here are the four biggest things that […]

Network setup best practices: 4 protection mechanisms all networks should have

In order to help protect key information and databases, many organizations will be very particular in how they set up their network and what protection mechanisms they put in place. But how it actually occurs and what specifically is used can vary dramatically from one organization to the next. A well-organized and well-protected network should […]