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Untangle Sysadmin Day 2018 Treasure Hunt Sweepstakes

Ahoy Matey! Ye might be a network administrator, IT administrator or system administrator, but ye all are cap’ns of yer networks. Giving the heave-ho to spam and malware while marooning rogue employees is all in a day’s work for ye. Arrrrr, now is the time to put yer skills to the test. Hidden deep within […]

3 Ways to Attempt BYOD and IoT Security

A decade ago, when smartphones started to penetrate the corporate world, IT managers had to consider the implications of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for their organization’s security. Now the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) or connected devices has added an additional layer of complexity. Organizations are trying to keep pace with the […]

Network Security Entering No-Content Era

Firewalls have changed a great deal over the past 20 years. Originally, firewalls were just a simple set of rules to do packet filtering. Though they were not designed to deal with many of the problems that came later, firewalls are still a useful and necessary tool in the security arsenal. Soon administrators needed to […]

Untangle’s Advanced, Cloud-Based Threat Intelligence, ScoutIQ™, Stops WannaCry Worming Ransomware Before It Ever Reaches Networks

Global Ransomware Targeting Windows Computers Claims Thousands of Victims; Untangle’s NG Firewall with Integrated ScoutIQ Threat Intelligence Prevents Ransomware Infections at the Gateway, Keeping Customers Safe WannaCry Ransomware: What You Need to Know Last Friday, May 13, news broke of an ongoing, global ransomware attack against more than 230,000 Windows computers in 150 countries, notably […]

Ransomware in the spotlight: How to guard against attack

Is there anything more frightening than being locked out of your most important and sensitive files? This is just the reality that a number of individual users and businesses have dealt with recently due to the growing threat of ransomware. Ransomware infections have been on our collective radars for a few years now, and as hackers […]

4 Resolutions You Can Make to Secure Your Network in the New Year

2017 is almost upon us, and now is the time for IT leaders and network administrators to take a hard look at their technology resources. As this year comes to a close, it’s an opportune moment to take stock of what has worked in the past, what hasn’t and what changes should be made as […]

What should school districts know about CIPA compliance?

Technological advancements including mobile devices, intelligent software and other learning tools are changing the way educators teach and shifting the way students participate in their own education. As institutions continue to add more innovative endpoints and platforms, it’s important that they also consider the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act. CIPA is critical for […]

Is your network prepared for the holiday shopping season?

This year is coming to a close, and for many retailers, this season means one thing: an uptick in shoppers, sales and revenue resulting from the holidays. In many business circles, these final months are the busiest time of the year, and it’s important to be prepared for the rush of activity, transactions and customer demands. […]

The SWIFT breach continues: Should banks be concerned?

It seems with every passing day, hackers are finding new ways to exploit their targets, displaying advanced and malicious capabilities that can put any business at risk. Such was the case with the recent hacks of SWIFT, a financial messaging system used by banks across the globe. What made this incident so noteworthy – aside […]

The Horrors of IT: Share Your Story! Contest Recap

Thank you everyone for participating in The Horrors of IT: Share Your Story! Contest. We received some great stories – some scary, some hilarious – and hope they helped bring awareness network challenges during cybersecurity awareness month. We are excited to announce the following winners: Grand Prize Winner: RiffRaff – Just Bury It In The […]