When Clients Require More for Less

Portlandia IT, LLC

Portlandia IT

Industry: Full-Service MSP
Average Network Size: 200 users

“We like the level of power with Untangle, at a less expensive price than comparable products.”


Portlandia IT is a comprehensive managed services provider with customers throughout their Portland, Oregon service area. Doug Foote and Ted Mittelstaedt, principals, each have an extensive background in information technology. Their combined years of experience and expertise allow them to offer the highest level of service, and they constantly evaluate software offerings from many different vendors to ensure that they offer solutions that best fit the needs of their clients.

Increasing Cost, Decreasing Value

Portlandia IT’s customer base often requires spam blocking and web content filtering as top priorities. Doug and Ted were meeting those needs with Cisco, thanks to their broad brand recognition. Over time, however, as his clients’ needs changed and grew, so did the a la carte pricing offered by Cisco’s solution.

“With Untangle, our customers get a full service solution at one set price,” said Doug. “Not only is Untangle a great savings, but it offers unparalleled flexibility over competitive choices like Cisco. Making the switch to Untangle was a no-brainer.”

In addition to presenting a more competitive price to customers, Portlandia IT was able to also show network activity via audits. “Untangle’s reports are a good way to show a business owner the activity on his network, so that he/she can deal with it accordingly,” said Doug.

Doug also likes Untangle’s performance boost over competitive products. “Speed was always an issue, but we’ve seen increased performance across the board with Untangle.”

Opening Up Different Markets

Portlandia IT quickly realized that brand recognition only goes so far. As a smart, agile services provider, they are constantly reviewing new technology offerings, and were early supporters of open source software. They instantly saw Untangle as a fit for customers whose budgets would keep them from even considering big players like Cisco.

“Untangle has helped us sell to markets that would normally not even look outside the box,” said Doug. “Being able to demo the product has been invaluable, and having a free trial to install at a client site has helped us close the deal. About 80% of our clients are willing to try a test install once they’ve seen the demo. After they’ve had a trial running on their network, more than half of them purchase. That’s how compelling this product is.”

“The largest benefits are the overall health of the network, the ability to monitor specific machines, and being able to see who is on the network,” Doug continued. “We like the ability to build a box for a client if need be, or offer them a complete appliance when the budget is available.”

Many times the needs of the clients are complex, but the IT budget is small. “With different subscription terms,” said Doug, “customers don’t have to feel stuck. Once they see the benefit of Untangle, they usually choose the annual subscription option to take advantage of the cost savings.”

Partnership Pays Off

Portlandia IT has been proud to be an Untangle partner, and found the relationship to have bottom-line benefit to their business. “With other vendors, we are held to what they want us to do,” said Doug. “We are required to buy what they require and add multiple features to get what we need. With Untangle, the solution is an all-in-one and the savings is much higher than any other vendors we have used.”