Introducing NG Firewall v10

Unprecedented power from a next-generation solution loved by nearly 40,000 organizations worldwide.

  • Version 10.2 released featuring mobile policy enforcement via L2TP over IPsec VPN. Read the Press Release or Changelog.
  • Version 10.1 released featuring High Availability. Read the Press Release or Changelog.
    • High availability via VRRP.
    • Improved Skype handling with Application Control, plus 94 new signatures.
    • Faster installation, backup and restore with local apps.
  • HTTPS Inspector
  • Next-generation networking layer
  • IPv6 configurability
  • 802.1q tagged alias (VLAN tagging) support
  • Simpler and more powerful NAT implementation
  • Better PPPoE support

Watch the Untangle NG Firewall 10 Community Webinar

See Untangle founder and VP, Products Dirk Morris discuss the release of Untangle’s NG Firewall v10. Highlights include an overview of the newly refactored networking architecture, improvements to the platform, the new HTTPS Inspector app, IP v6 support and VLAN tagging.

Check out this in-depth overview including a question-and-answer session with the Untangle team.

HTTPS Inspector

More and more websites and popular apps require users to connect via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), the protocol for secure communications on the Internet. This encrypted traffic presents a challenge to filtering devices that inspect traffic and apply rules based on network usage policy.

HTTPS Inspector allows for full decryption of HTTPS so that applications like Web Filter, Application Control and Virus Blocker can scan the traffic and apply their rules to it. This enables organizations to ensure that the same level of control that Untangle exerted on non-encrypted HTTP traffic can also be in place with encrypted HTTPS traffic.

HTTPS Inspector comes bundled at no additional cost with every purchase of Web Filter, Complete Package and Education Complete. It is also available as a standalone app purchase.

Networking Architecture

Untangle’s next-generation networking layer features a streamlined user interface fronting an optimized architecture with a host of new features. Notable amongst these are enhanced support for IPv6 and 802.1q VLAN tagging.

Network interfaces can now be configured with IPv6 addresses. Wide Area Networks (WANs) can be configured statically or with stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC). Non-WAN addresses are configured statically. Router advertisement is allowed on non-WANs.

NG Firewall v10 also supports virtual local area networks via 802.1q tagging, improving VLAN support. These 802.1q tagged interfaces are custom “alias interfaces” that appear just like physical interfaces but only handle traffic with the appropriate 802.1q tag. Any packets sent on this alias also get the appropriate 802.1q tag.

Untangle Everywhere

  • The markers estimate locations of currently active Untangle installations.
  • IPs are pulled from the update server log covering the last 24 hours.
  • A free IP-to-geo-location database is used. It is highly inaccurate.
  • The map may take some time to load. Firefox or Chrome recommended.

Upgrading to NG Firewall v10

NG Firewall v10 is the latest version of our firewall built on a next-generation platform. The entire underlying operating system received an upgrade, the networking layer has been completely rewritten, and nearly every single application was modified and improved.

However, with this completely new, next-generation architecture, it makes it impossible to provide an upgrade path from v9 to v10. Therefore, auto-upgrade functionality will not be available with this release. We realize that this causes extra work for you and believe us, if we could find a way to avoid that we would.

So, here are our best practices for upgrading to our next-generation platform:

  1. Take this opportunity to document and review your current settings. You will most likely find there are many settings that just aren’t relevant anymore.
  2. If at all possible, install on new hardware to avoid downtime during reconfiguration.

Since we realize that a change of this nature is hard, we are committed to support version 9.x for two years from the release of 10.0. This includes software bug fixes and live support.

We hope you are as excited as we are of the benefits you will receive from our next-generation platform.

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