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HTTPS Inspector requires Untangle version 10 or higher to run. HTTPS Inspector can be purchased as a standalone app. It is also included at no additional charge with any purchase of Web Filter. It is included in NG Firewall Complete, Public Sector Complete and Nonprofit Complete packages.


More and more websites and popular apps require users to connect via HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), the protocol for secure communications on the Internet. This encrypted traffic presents a challenge to filtering devices that inspect traffic and apply rules based on network usage policy.


HTTPS Inspector allows for full decryption of HTTPS so that applications like Web Filter, Application Control and Virus Blocker can scan the traffic and apply their rules to it. This enables organizations to ensure that the same level of control that Untangle exerted on non-encrypted HTTP traffic can also be in place with encrypted HTTPS traffic.

  • HTTPS Inspector works by presenting a false certificate signed by a root Certificate Authority that must be installed on each host if HTTPS decryption is to take place without a browser warning. After presenting the certificate, it will endpoint the SSL connection, send the unencrypted HTTP traffic through all the applications, then create a new SSL connection on the other side.
  • If desired, HTTPS Inspector can be installed only on certain racks, if only certain HTTPS traffic should be unencrypted by policy (user, group, time of day, IP, etc). HTTPS Inspector also contains rules allowing certain HTTPS traffic to be bypassed.
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