NG Firewall: Manage

Enforce policies and report on usage.

NG Firewall gives you total control per group and per user. Get visibility into traffic and utilization with detailed reporting.

Policy ManagerPolicy Manager COMPLETE
Create policy rules by user or group that send traffic to different racks, which can contain multiple, independently configured applications. Many organizations need to provide unique privileges to different sets of users like schools (teachers vs. students), libraries (librarians vs. public Internet terminals) or businesses with different departmental requirements (engineering vs. sales). Policy Manager even makes it possible to block access to common productivity-killing website like Facebook during working hours, but keep it available during lunch and after hours.
Directory ConnectorDirectory Connector COMPLETE
Directory Connector enables NG Firewall to communicate with directory servers, such as Untangle’s built-in Local Directory, Microsoft’s Active Directory, or servers that support RADIUS. It maps usernames to IP addresses so that policies can be created by usernames (or groups with Active Directory) and Reports can be viewed by username.
ReportsReports FREE
Visibility is the first step in controlling your network, identifying misuse, and enforcing your network usage policy. Reports provides this and is also a great tool for troubleshooting. You’ll get daily, weekly and monthly reports that can be shared as HTML or PDF.