NG Firewall Apps

Flexibility. Get what you want, when you want it.

Untangle’s NG Firewall is the only next-generation solution to offer everything you need as an “application” that you can turn on or off with the click of a button  – radically simplifying network management. Apps are available individually or in packages and work together to accomplish your goals. To see how apps work first-hand, go to the live product demo.

Here’s how to get the apps you want:

  • Buy apps individually if you only need a few. To get the full benefit of our solution, consider purchasing NG Firewall Complete or an appliance.
  • Buy apps directly through the NG Firewall user interface,  and your app will be directly downloaded and available to add to your rack. Otherwise, if you purchase through our online store, we’ll email you a voucher key that you can redeem on your NG Firewall after checkout.


Virus Blocker Get enterprise-grade anti-virus for extra protection.
Virus Blocker Lite FREE Prevent most viruses entering from the Internet.
Firewall FREE Separate and safeguard your internal network from the Internet.
Intrusion Prevention FREE Stop outsiders from penetrating and infiltrating your network.
Phish Blocker FREE Protect users from identity theft attempts and credit card capture scams.


Web Filter Get robust web content filtering of over 450 million sites in over 140 categories.
Web Filter Lite FREE Control web content at the gateway.
HTTPS Inspector Decrypt the HTTPS datastream to allow other apps to process the traffic.
Spam Blocker Reduce spam by over 97%.
Spam Blocker Lite FREE Cut down on unwanted email, junk mail, solicitations and spam.
Application Control Fine-tuned control to allow, block or flag even the most complex traffic types.
Application Control Lite FREE Block port-hopping applications.
Ad Blocker FREE Eliminate annoying ads and improve web page load times.


Web Cache Increase responsiveness of web applications and save bandwidth costs.
Bandwidth Control Increased visibility and control over your network with monitoring, rules and quotas.
WAN Balancer Allocate traffic across up to six separate Internet connections.
WAN Failover Automatically detect an Internet outage and switch traffic to another connection.


IPsec VPN Seamlessly integrate with third-party firewall products.
OpenVPN FREE Provide secure network access from outside the office to authorized remote workers.
Captive Portal FREE Allow Internet access only on certain conditions, e.g after accepting terms of service.


Policy Manager Create unlimited user- and time-based policies for web and remote access.
Directory Connector Use your RADIUS or Microsoft Active Directory server to simplify policy management and enrich reporting.
Reports FREE See who’s doing what, when, to better manage your network and its usage.


Live Support Call our California based tech support team for help over the phone. Includes Configuration Backup!
Branding Manager Use your own logo and content on user-facing pages.