The Problem

Connecting a network to the modern internet has become at worst a complicated task and at best a big hassle. First, basic infrastructure is required: routers, switches, DHCP and DNS servers, etc. Next it must be secured with a firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus and antispyware software. The email server requires junk mail filters for spam and phish emails. The network will also require “locking down” with web filters and protocol filters. And, almost always, users will need secure remote access to the company network. For most companies, these tasks are too expensive and time consuming.

We believe we have a better way to simplify networking by consolidating network point solutions into a single platform on a single server.

What Untangle Does

Untangle Gateway PlatformThe Untangle Gateway Platform hosts virtualized network applications (called nodes) inside a virtual network running on a single server. These nodes, usually based on open source projects, easily plug into the platform allowing for easy installation, configuration, and management of many point solutions.

The gateway platform reconstructs all traffic transiting the gateway to the layer-7 stream. Just like a real network, the data is routed (or “vectored”) through the network of nodes where each node does its processing. After each node has done its processing, the data is retransmitted on the network as new packets.

By virtualizing each network application, they are easy to select, install, and manage. Building the network “in software” on a single server using nodes makes networking simple and cost effective.

Interested in helping?

We’d love your help. You can easily lend a hand by participating in the forums, trying out beta software, or adding anything that helped you to the documentation.